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     We have many leaders at Kimekai Tas (but our main leadership/instructor group are these ninjas…)

  • Sensei T’Meika (Yondan) – Head Instructor & Dojo owner Kimekai Tas
  • Sempai Sarah (Nidan) –  Senior Instructor
  • Sempai Kim (Nidan) –  Senior Instructor
  • Sempai Alec (Shodan) – Assistant Instructor (Senior)
  • Anthony (3rd Kyu) – Senior Leader
  • Grace (Cadet Shodan-Ho) – Assistant Instructor (Junior)
  • Tom (Young Samurai 1st Kyu) – Junior Leader
  • George (Young Samurai 1st Kyu) – Junior Leader
  • Eliza (Young Samurai 4th Kyu) – Junior Leader
  • Esther (Young Samurai 5th Kyu) – Junior Leader

A bit about Sensei…

Sensei at 8 yrsIn 1989, at the age of seven, I became one of Marco’s very first students when I saw an ad for Karate in my school newsletter. I loved going to class and soon became addicted, going along several nights a week and convincing my mother (Sonja) it would be a good idea for her to train as well!  I slowly worked through the belts, began competing in tournaments and became an assistant instructor (Sempai).  Soon I was teaching up to 6 nights a week, and competing in State and National titles for both Karate and Jiu Jitsu (see… addicted!). After grading to Junior, and then Senior Black belt in high school I took a short break from Karate when my family and I moved to Sydney. Upon returning to Melbourne to study I couldn’t help myself and began training again, grading to Nidan level (2nd Dan Black belt) in 2002.  After a few years (too many!) at Uni I decided to return to my home town of Hobart.  After scouting around unsuccessfully for a karate club of the same style (Shukokai), I decided to create Kimekai Tasmania!  In 2015 I was honoured achieve my Sandan level with Sensei’s Marco Mazzanti, Tommy and Steve Morris.  In 2019 I was privileged again to grade to my Yondan Level with the same amazing group of instructors.

Here at Kimekai Tas we are based on a Shukokai style of karate which is well rounded, has a focus on efficiency of movement (while maintaining strength and speed) as well as incorporating many aspects of traditional karate, sport karate and self defence (both stand up and grappling).  Personally, I am keen to promote focus, discipline, mindfulness, fitness and skill development through an atmosphere of fun and attunement to individual needs.  I am proud to have developed a family friendly club where members can feel at home and develop to their full potential!

Through Karate I have been able to develop focus, discipline, and mind-body connection, I have made lasting friendships and been ableSensei with marco to travel Australia (and abroad)  to compete. Opening the club in Mt Stuart has allowed me to return once again to the sport (and way of life) that I love. I look forward to seeing the club grow even more, and continue to be a place where students feel at home and part of the Kimekai family.

Qualifications & Accreditations:

  • Doctorate in Psychology (Forensic) & Bachelor of Science (Bioscience/Psych) (Hons)
  • 4th Dan Black Belt in Shukokai (Kimekai) karate
  • Current Silver Coaching Accreditation (NCAS) (First accredited 1999)
  • Working with Vulnerable People Check (Child Related Activity)
  • National Police Check, Safeguarding Children Accreditation
  • Level 2 First Aid & CPR


  • 20+ Years experience as a Martial Arts Leader/Instructor (Highett – Vic & Mt Stuart – Tas)
  • Competed in World Games 2017 (Kumite)
  • Gold medals at Oceania Championships, Australian National/Open Championships and Victorian/Tasmanian State Championships (Kumite)
  • Trained by International Coaches/Instructors Marco Mazzanti, Tommy M Morris, Steven Morris, Alan Murdoch and Max Fabris
  • Member of Australian National Team and Tasmanian State Team (member of Victorian State Team as a junior)
  • Coaching Director & Head Coach of Australian Karate Federation Tasmania
Watch this space… more info to come on the other members of the Kimekai Tas leadership group!
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