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Welcome to Kimekai Tas

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Kimekai Karate Tas is a family friendly martial arts club running out of Mt Stuart Hall (Hobart) on Mon, Tues & Thurs evenings. We also have online options available.

At Kimekai Tas we have students aged 5 years to 60+ years and specialised programs to meet every need – beginners welcome!

Kimekai has evolved from the traditional Shitoryu Karate system in Japan, to a dynamic Martial arts which combines traditional values of respect and discipline with modern teaching methods. The result is a style which offers the individual the ultimate in personal development as well as self defence and traditional training. Kimekai is suitable for men and women of all ages because of its emphasis on effective technique as opposed to brute strength. We offer a balanced program involving all aspects of combat including punching, kicking, blocking, throwing and grappling – an all round activity designed to achieve results regardless of age and fitness level.  Not only will you increase your strength, fitness, flexibility and co-ordination but you will also improve your concentration, self discipline and confidence.

Our Mission at Kimekai is:
  • To create a positive environment for both children and adults to build character, increase self confidence and develop a winning attitude to life.
  • To provide a safe and enjoyable Martial Arts program of the highest standard, designed to achieve a wide range of individual goals, including high levels of fitness and strength, positive mental attitude, relentless drive to overcome challenges and self confidence to achieve personal goals.
  • To provide a vehicle for passionate martial arts students to pursue a carrier in Martial Arts, offering on going training, job security, future opportunities and growth.

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